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Rhinoplasty in Los Angles California

Welcome to our website devoted exclusively to rhinoplasty using local anesthesia and nasal surgery in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara California. A comprehensive educational process best demonstrates the sophistication and technology surrounding the improvement and functionality of the nose. Our nasal surgery and rhinoplasty site will provide you with information that you need prior to, during, and recovering from, your nasal procedure. We are pleased to answer any concerns and questions you may have regarding nasal surgery or rhinoplasty.

Nasal surgery patients are very specific on what they want especially when it comes to reshaping their nose. Usually they don’t like the “ width of their nose, the nasal hump”, or the thickness of the nasal tip. The skin that separates the nostrils inside the nose is comprised of bone and cartilage. It may become twisted or deviated, either through birth, or as the result of an injury. Due to this deviation, the air flow pattern through the nose may be altered causing it to be hard to breathe. The nose may also appear to be crooked with a 'hump'.

Often, a surgical procedure used to correct breathing through the nose also improves its appearance. Nasal hump reduction, nasal tip refinement, width narrowing, and nose straightening are combined into one procedure. Nasal surgery is done entirely from within the nostrils to eliminate visible scarring. Achieving a more natural appearance is our goal.

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The approach to nasal surgery or rhinoplasty varies from individual to individual. Patients may have a specific area of the nose they want improved. Ethnic characteristics must be respected when enhancing the appearance of the African-American, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic or the Middle Eastern nose.

Rhinoplasty Los Angeles and nose surgery in Beverly Hills offered by expert nasal surgeon Dr. Keyes. Information on rhinoplasty, nose surgery, nasal reshaping, incision sites, recovery period and more.

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Double-Board Certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara Geoffrey Keyes specializes in rhinoplasty surgery.

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